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Welcome back, Slippy”

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slip got johnny pregnant

— Bigfish1812
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— Johnny talking about why he was gone last week
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i kinda felt like this needs to be said, especially after some of the fuckery that happened tonight.

Johnny and the others stream for fun.

They DO NOT stream because they have to.

They do things like the PPVs for fun.

Johnny and the others have lives outside of the stream.

They have families and work and some may even have school.

People lately seemed to have forgot about that.

The more people beg and plead and whatnot, the least likely something will come back.

Just be happy and enjoy nL and whatever random fuckery they do, be it The Son of Chor or GTA or WWE. Just sit back and enjoy it rather than cause fuckery because they’re not doing Story Time or Battleground or GTA.

I really dunno what else to say, but just take into consideration they all have lives. They’re all a bunch of dudes in their 20s.

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The impossible happened

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hey everyone, earlier i was on steam and i got a message from a viewer that told me one of our viewers was talking about comitting suicide but didnt give me much info. then i was on facebook and i saw that the person they were talking about copy/pasted a suicide message that is from some site.

If any of you guys can help pass this along, please do so. He has tried to kill himself in the past, so please help Johnny and the others. I know this is some really serious shit for a usually lighthearted page I (poorly) run here, but just take a couple seconds, ok?

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