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I place watermarks on my gifs, they stay on them.

People who take my gifs and then delete my watermark make me not want to update the page.

Not cool guys

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Kenzo and the Chocolate Drop one you had as the sidebar

I see. Thank you

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Just wanted to let you know nL is using a couple of your gifs as commands

Really? Which ones?

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I think Slippy is about to do Story Time. Imma have a fangirl moment

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so, admin, someone told me you're the girl who has a crush on htial.

What was it that gave it away? The fact I talk about him non-stop with my friend about how wonderful I think he is.

Anon, it was all in front on you.

Now, if you want to come bother me on personal page, fine. Don’t ask shit like this on this page, please


Please pick only one type of posts!