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This is what Hideaki and I do when we’re watching nL, guys.

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"It says something when newLegacy’s random “Sin Cara booked” pay-per-views are better than the actual pay-per-views."

Whomever sent this in, I fucking love you.

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Hey guys!! Come show your support for nL over on Senshudo today at 2PM (Central time). (That’s noon for you asses on the west coast). nL will be doing their Royal Rumble simulation stream as part of their contribution for Senshudo’s 24 hour gaming marathon to raise money for Extra Life.

Come join us in about a hour over on Senshudo’s Twitch channel, which can be found here.

The full list of broadcasters if you want to watch any other streamers are as follows:

There’s links and whatnot over on Twitch so you can donate and help a wonderful cause as well.

Plus, you get to see what will happen tomorrow night in the Rumble.

(I didn’t post this earlier. Sorry, guys.)

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nL Presents: WWE Extreme Rules!

Journey with us into the mind of a maniac! The new WWE GM Sin Cara has been up to no good ever since winning his match to gain this position at WrestleMania 30. What does Sin Cara have planned for the WWE on this event?! Plenty of title matches and bullshit on this one, folks!

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A day late, but Merry Christmas, everyone~

This is Dino’s Christmas album. Enjoy.

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Dino and Jericho doing some Christmas stunt jumping. nL is live. Come join us.

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