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so, admin, someone told me you're the girl who has a crush on htial.

What was it that gave it away? The fact I talk about him non-stop with my friend about how wonderful I think he is.

Anon, it was all in front on you.

Now, if you want to come bother me on personal page, fine. Don’t ask shit like this on this page, please


Hi Kristen. Have you heard anything about a NiC PPV with the guys?

I have not heard anything about a ppv for Night of Champions. Don’t bother any of the guys about it though because they will be less likely to do it then.

Johnny did mention on a stream a couple nights ago he is going on vacation soon, so we may get it. He’s been big on the new UFC game too.

It just kinda depends, anon. :D


when are they going all have playstations?

As of the stream last night into this morning, Htial was the only one who had yet to get his.

Edit: Someone just messaged me and said Htial tweeted this out.

So, I believe they all do now.


Please pick only one type of posts!